onsdag 27. februar 2013

Loose pen drawing of old man

This year, I made a new year promise, which was to draw a drawing or paint each day every day to improve my skills. Each day I don`t draw or paint, the deal I have with my self is to give 5 Euro to a poor person as well as put 5 Euro into the piggy bank here at home. So it`s a win-win situation!

In the beginning, I drew very neat and nice pencil drawings. But that takes time. Because I don`t always have the time nor the patience to draw neatly, I started doing very quick pen drawings. I hold the pen loosely at the top of the pen and avoids lifting the pen from the paper while I draw. The result is like the present drawing, and I have to say I am both quite excited as well as surprised by the results! I really like what is coming through my hands in this way. What happens when I hold the pen in this loose way is that I also loose complete control over the line. But that is what makes both the act of drawing this way, as well as the result so enjoing; I don`t know exactly how the result will be, and the line is far, far much more interesting than the neat and "good" pencil drawings I normally would try to achieve.

So, the present portrait is an example of this way of drawing. I made it yesterday evening in a minute or two by having a look at a photo from the newspaper. Other times, I draw a quick drawing of the news reporters while I watch the news on tv.

lørdag 23. februar 2013

Yellow roses

More roses. I LOVE roses and can`t wait for summer and growing roses on our balcony. It is still four months to wait here far up in the north, though... In the mean time, some flowers are appearing on the paper.

søndag 17. februar 2013

Watercolour roses

Yesterday I was sowing flower seeds in my little mini-mini inndoor greenhouse, and today I can allready see the first tiny sprout appear. I am looking very much forward for spring to come! So, today I have been painting these roses. In some months I will have them blooming on my balcony!

søndag 10. februar 2013

What`s going on?

What`s going on between these two persons and who are they? Father and daugher? Husband and wife?

I drew a pen drawing from a small reference photo that I got from a newspaper. As I drew it in a small sketch book, the paper quality is too poor for the use of watercolour. Maybe I will elaborate the study in a bigger format and on quality paper later on.