fredag 10. mai 2013


Two different drawings of the same figure. One loose and very quick pen drawing, and another a little bit more elaborated, but still very quick, pencil drawing. It is interesting how the medium changes the expression.

I am fighting against my own impatience when it comes to painting, though. I like the quick and spontanous way of expressing my self on the paper. But I still don't master the watercolours and the different paper qualities well enough to be able to control such a way of expression. So, I have to fight my own desire to paint in a quick and bold way as it very often ends up with a disaster! There is so much to learn about painting tecniques, different paper qualities, amount of water held in the paper, how the different pigments flow. Luckily, this summer I am going to attend to workshops! It is in Sweden, at Gerleborgsskolan . It will be 4 days in July and 5 days later in August. I am looking very much forward to it!

søndag 5. mai 2013

Woman with headscarf

 After struggling the last week with nothing working with the watercolours, I made this quick version of a woman with headscarf today; loose pen drawing and than more or less splashing paint on.

In the version below, I wet the paper first. I usually don`t do that, but I wanted to explore more soft settling of the pigments. I also tried to use more skinlike colours on the face. But for some reason, I find it more difficult than using the blue/purple shades I often use for faces.  Hm, I like the more spontanous one above better.