søndag 16. juni 2013

Watercolour icebergs

Yesterday I went to an exhibition to see the art work of the Swedish watercolour artist Anna Törnquist, http://www.annatornquist.se/akvarell/. I love her style and also her sense of humour in her paintings. At the exhibition there were a couple of painting of icebergs that I fell in love with. I became so inspired that I wanted to have a go myself on an ice motive. I have used only a painting knife here, and I really enjoy this way of painting. I have been working on the floor, using the whole body working with the painting knife. I feel this is more "my" way of painting - really a joyful day of painting!

fredag 14. juni 2013

Watercolour doodles and exercises

 I havent't been painting so much lately, except for some excercises. I bought a watercolour dvd by Peter Saw wich a really enjoy. All though it is not quite my style of painting, I find it a great tutoring dvd. I have learned to paint trees and stones in small "doodles", as he calls it - just small and simple excercises not meant to take a lot of time nor to become anything but an excercise. Paper quality matters, as you may see. The above is painted on quality paper, the one below on poor sketching paper.
 Below is another doodle of a rock.

 Here is a more me-ish doodle, the first appearance of an eye.