søndag 29. desember 2013

Atlantic waves

A painting from earlier this autumn. It's not the view from my vindow, but on the other hand the view of my inner eye.

fredag 27. desember 2013

Atmospheric watercolour

This painting is highly inspired by the artist Morten Paulsen. He made a demonstration at the watercolour workshop I attended, where he showed us a tecnique to activily make use of the characteristic of pigments that make a line at the edges when they dry. So this painting is very similar to Morten Paulsens motives and style.

torsdag 26. desember 2013


Long time since blogging, the reason is simply that I haven't had access to internet on my PC the latest months and I have been too lazy to do something about it. I have, meanwhile, been painting regularly during the latest weeks and months. I have also been attending another watercolour workshop at Gerlesborg, Sweden. This time with a Norwegian watercolour artist, Morten Paulsen. As a result, I have been painting a lot of nature scenes this fall.