lørdag 18. oktober 2014

Ink portrait

As I now paint with oil, I have started to warm up in the studio by very quickly drawing a portrait. I call this post a drawing (allthough it may look like a painting) as I actually drew the portrait by using ink. I then quickly used a flat brush and water to make shadows and light.

It is a very useful excercise to draw quickly - you get rid of hesitation and thinking too much, you just DO. And you get the reward of having MADE something - and that in just a couple of minutes. Very satisfying. And a nice start before I begin working on the canvases.

fredag 17. oktober 2014

Linocut portrait

New linocut. It is printet on scrap paper, as so far I am just playing with this new medium and testing how my cuts turn out to be. I have another print of this image that has a much denser black colour, but I like this more dreamy touch to the print.

søndag 12. oktober 2014


Some weeks ago I attended a workshop in linocuts. I found it very interesting, and bought straight away materials to use at home. So, here it is, my first linocut.

Ink drawing

I drew this portrait today, with a bamboo "pen" and brown ink. I then took a flat brush and water and created shadows with the still wet ink.

Ink drawing

A couple of days ago I bought a Chinese bamboo pen. I quickly drew this portrait yesterday with that bamboo "pen" and brown ink. I really like the feeling of drawing with kind of lack of control as the bamboo pen invites me to, and thus getting speed and spontanity into the line.