onsdag 31. desember 2014

Daily painting

Another small daily painting, 22x16 cm, acrylics on canvas panel. It is winter here in Norway now, and the light and the colours are all different shades of blue. All though this painting is an image of my inner eye, it seems like the Norwegian winter colours has inspired the chosen palette.

tirsdag 30. desember 2014

Daily painting

Here is a new daily painting of mine. I have a serie of these somewhat odd houses going on. I have just a vague idea in my mind before I start painting, and then the image evolve on the canvas from there. I never sketch nor look at photo references when I paint, as I feel both bored and unsatisfied when I do that. The excitement in painting is for me in the surprises of what appears on the canvas!

This small painting is acrylics on canvas panel, 22x16 cm.

mandag 29. desember 2014

Oil painting

This is one of the oil paintings I have been working on the last months. I work very slowly with these bigger paintings, I use a lot of time just sitting in my chair looking at the painting, waiting for an impulse for what to do next. It is almost like a meditative state of mind. To me it is important not to rush into the painting process. If I do that, if I get impatient, I tend to get lost, and loose the feeling of what the painting needs. So, I need stillness. And time to wait.

The painting is about 65x80 cm. No title.

søndag 28. desember 2014

Daily painting

I have read the book "Daily painting" by Carol Marine -  a very inspiring book. It is all about painting one small painting, every day (or almost). It allows the artist to take risks, explore new techniques, new motives etc. without a great cost if it did not work out. You can just start all over again with a brand new painting the next day!

Here is one of my daily paintings, acrylics on cardboard, 22 x 17 cm.

tirsdag 9. desember 2014

My first juryed exhibition!

 A small break through for me - I have got one of my watercolour paintings accepted in a juryed internet exhibition - follow the link below:


This is the painting that is now part of the exhibition. Juhuu!