fredag 12. juni 2015

Mixed media - palimpsests

Mixed media on paper, 42x60 cm.

I am now loosening up quite a bit from the stringent house paintings I have been working on the last months. These sketches are mixed media with ballpoint pen, watercolour, ink and acrylic paint. I  really enjoy it! Particularly using the ballpoint pen and just let the arm move in big circular movements. I also like the contrast between the thin lines from the pen and the paint.

Painting, or drawing, in many layers in such a way that you see the layers beneath is called palimpsests. Palimpsests were originally re-used manuscrips  pages, such as parchments. The original text was washed off and then the parchment was used to write a new text on top of the original text which was still visible underneath. Today, palimpsests are used in contemporary art. Have a look at Cy Twombly´s palimpsest art here:
Bilderesultat for palimpsest cy twomblyBilderesultat for palimpsest cy twomblyBilderesultat for palimpsest cy twombly
In the art school I am attending we have now got the challenge to paint such palimpsests, but in a big format, at least 150 x 200 cm! I am looking forward to it, I think it will be really fun!

torsdag 11. juni 2015

Last house for a while

Acrylics on canvas, 40x50 cm, not title.

This will perhaps be the last painting with abstract and stringent images of houses in a while. I am now doing completely the opposite, playing with ink and mixed media on big sheets of paper, working on organic shapes. I want to explore a more free expression and see what that might leed me to. I will come back to that later.