lørdag 5. september 2015

More linocut prints

This morning I have been making yet a new linocut print. It is inspired by a print made by Frederick Jones.

Making linocuts are actually easy projects to do at home. I have made these linocuts in the living room, and it doesn´t take very long time - very suitable for me who allways want quick results!

I regard this as a test print - the print is made by rubbing the back of a spoon on the paper and the paper is just some sketching quality paper. Later, I want to use a proper printmaking press to see how that works. And of course, a high quality paper.

Below you can see how the linocut looks like.

fredag 4. september 2015

Linocut portrait

Today I have been working on a linocut. Below is the sketch I worked from.