søndag 30. desember 2012

Loose portrait

hmm... a spontanous drawing made this person appear on the paper. I haven`t been painting the last weeks, and I just got the idea to just draw very loosely and without lifting the pen off the paper to get a loose and somewhat odd expression - rather than make a "good" drawing. And then I just splashed some paint on. Took just a couple of minutes. Quite fun and satisfying to loosen up my self in this way. :)

lørdag 1. desember 2012

Up-side down drawings!

Up-side down drawing! As you can see from the picture I have been drawing motives up-side down today. The idea behind doing this is to be able to leave the left-hand side of the brain, which thinks in symbols and therefore mess up the drawing abilities. When you turn your motive up-side down, the brain is not able to recognize in the same way the nose, the eye etc. Rather, you start to actually SEE the different shapes and lines of the motive. And that is when you start to see like an artist does - and become able to draw what you actually see.

These ideas are from Betty Edwards`book "Drawing on the right side of the brain" (my book is a Norwegian translation, which is very nice for a change). I have had it for many, many years, but I haven`t really practiced her ideas for the same amount of years! However - I highly recommend this book! If you want to improve your drawings - this is the book - your result will amaze you!

Below are today`s up-side down drawings of mine.