onsdag 25. februar 2015

Abstract houses

Acrylics on canvas, 24x30 cm, no title.

Hm...I have been struggling a bit with this one. But here it is.

fredag 20. februar 2015

Dry pastel portrait sketch

Painting day, but warming up with this quickly made dry pastel sketch.

tirsdag 17. februar 2015

Houses, houses

Acrylics on canvas, 18x24 cm.

More stringent expression in this painting.
It is one of my days off job today, so that means painting day! I have my studio at the kitchen table at the moment. I do have a big studio, where I have bigger canvases. But at the moment neither being in the studio nor painting on bigger formats works very well for me. As Carol Marine says in her book "Daily painting" you learn far more by painting small formats paintings because you actually get to finnish you paintings, and then can learn from each piece you make.

tirsdag 10. februar 2015

More houses

Acrylics on canvas, 18x24 cm.

Not quite sure about this painting. Perhaps I need to adjust the values of some of the shapes. After weeks with a good flow, the last weekend I was struggling. Painted the whole day both Saturday and Sunday, but couldn´t get it right with none of the paintings I am working on. Not totally satisfied with this on either, but post it anyway.

The fantastic thing though, is that I have now started working only 70% in my job as a social scientist, so now I get 30% time off to concentrate on painting! I feel so lucky to have got this possibility!

torsdag 5. februar 2015

Tall house

Another house. Acrylics on canvas, 18x24 cm. As allways, no plan, no sketch, just following the "flow" and looking for possibilities as the painting evolves.This painting actually started out as a orange horisontal house, but it did not work out. Then I saw a possible tall house there instead.

I haven´t stepped up and started to buy artis quality canvases yet. Here you can see a good reason for not bying cheap canvases, though: You can see a shadow on both upper corners - these are a result of the canvas not being stretched enough. So, note to self I guess - start buying better quality canvases!

søndag 1. februar 2015

Daily painting

Acrylic on canvas, 18x24 cm, no title.

The huge advantage of painting on such small canvases is that you get to finnish a painting in a day or two. And this production of paintings lead to what is most important for an amateur artist like me, namely the possibility to learn from each painting I make and hopefully progress as I go forward.