søndag 19. januar 2014

Kind of self portrait

aargh - it has now gone a couple of weeks where it seems that I am not able to paint with watercolours anymore. Interesting how the ability to paint seem to fluctuate.

So, I find comfort in looking at what I think is my first proper painting. It was painted in 2002, with oil on canvas. I looked in the mirror and used the reflection of my own face as a reference for shadows etc.

It is sooo much easier to paint with oil!
But the challenge of painting with watercolour is just so much more interesting.

søndag 12. januar 2014



As most often, this painting too, 'happened'; no preliminary plan, sketch or object to look after. The only plan was the sky to be dramatic. And 'something' going on in the foreground. The 'something' was painted quickly and with a painting knife.

onsdag 1. januar 2014

Happy new year 2014

                                                        "Atlantic bridge"

By the west coast of Norway, there is every year a storm around new year's eve, we actually call it a new year storm. Winds and waves hit land, building and bridges. But the bridges between islands take the weather and continue to connect people to eachother.